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Annual Report

I am a recent convert to annuals. My (laughably naive) idea was to plant a bunch of perennials and sit back and watch the garden put on a grand show. Things did not turn out quite that way, of course. For one, perennials take a while to come into their […]

Week One Done!

Today marks one week from the day I started this blog! Not much cause for celebration you might think, except for the fact that I am a chronic non-finisher, so marking mini-milestones cheers me up immensely. The Bay Area rains have arrived with full force, with their characteristic all day downpour […]

Volatile Stalks

It’s funny how people think of gardening as something to do in their golden years. Take the back-breaking labor of double-digging, combine that with the nerve-wracking unpredictability of bloom times, and you’ll realize, gardening is not for the faint of heart or body. While the rest of my garden is […]

Woman Proposes, Gardener Disposes

Yes, we have a gardener, more of a garden-clean-up-and-lawn-mowing person really. Just easier to say “gardener”. Anyway, he is a serious-faced young man, who takes the cleaning up aspect of his job a little too seriously. Clearly, he didn’t think much of the Gaura lindheimeri ‘Whirling Butterflies’ I’d planted this […]

The Last Passion

For those stopping by to read about a tragic romance – my apologies. Here, I am placing my bets on some very fruitful passion next year! Recently, I made a solemn promise to myself and everyone I know who cares (and some who don’t) about my garden, that I would […]