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Who am I?

I am a woman in my late thirties (as of 2016), married, with a seven year old daughter and a bunny, living in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a regular 9-to-5 non-gardening related job from which I escape into the garden. Friends have called it my “sanity”, although opinions might differ on that!

A Good Lot came about as a way for me to talk about all things gardening and connect with like-minded people, wherever they may be.

What’s with the name?

The name A Good Lot is a reference to three things:

The literal lot or parcel of land on which our house is built, where I garden. The fertile clay and perfect weather make it a good place to grow a garden.

A reminder to be grateful for my lot in life. Despite daily struggles, I am indeed fortunate to live the life I do.

And finally, a garden is never done. There is always a lot to do!

Thank you for visiting my site! I am glad you stopped by.

Please do leave a comment or just say Hi. I would love to hear from you!


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  1. This is my first time by your blog, via Annies Enjoyed it very much. Read about your new trees and it reminded me of myself a long time ago. Small and smallest I would buy, they would always grow and I could wait. Alas, I have I feel been forced to look at my new plants a little differently now. I am nearing 81, and though I am glad to leave them for the next generation, I really want to experience them myself, while still kicking around. In fact I will be getting another order into Annie’s now, but just now I have returned from Armstrong Garden Center. I went for two roses that I don’t have, bare root style. But while there I couldn’t resist some new fruit trees which accounts for why your blog caught my eye.You see I didn’t know that stone fruit trees have a certain number of years for bearing their wonders. Mine have not done well for a couple of years so I had 5 stone fruit and a huge fig tree removed. Now, my 2 new roses have turned into 3 different peaches, 1 burgundy plum, 1 brown turkey fig and 3 roses. I am feeling much better now. (I was just returning from the vet where I learned my beloved German Shepherd has a strained ACL – what is she a pro athlete? She’s 6 and the vet said the good news was that at that age she has absolutely perfect hips and would be recommended for breeding, She was spayed at about 5 months. The reason I digress is that I was really feeling down about that, but with her we went to the nursery, now I think we are both feeling much better. My citrus are standard size and still producing like there is no end.
    I realize I have been going on and on, hope you aren’t bored to tears, but I guess i just saw myself in you 50 years ago. Even today many plants grow in my yard because nature (birds) have put them there. I have little cherry tomatoes all over, even in deep shade – you would never plant them there on purpose. Years ago I went to the Chelsea Flower show in London and purchased some sweet pea seed (see Annie’s) planted them and to this day, 10 -15 years ago I get them coming up and blooming. You should seem them grow up through my roses, makes a beautiful bouquet. They long ago left where they were planted. Enjoy your husband, daughter, and garden they will be yours for llife.


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