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Week One Done!

Today marks one week from the day I started this blog! Not much cause for celebration you might think, except for the fact that I am a chronic non-finisher, so marking mini-milestones cheers me up immensely.

The Bay Area rains have arrived with full force, with their characteristic all day downpour and gloom. Unlike most other parts of the country, we have dry summers; the only rain we get is in fall and winter. And insufficient rain means drought the following summer; so, I am thankful for the rains. Today I’m also excitedly expecting a shipment of my latest Annie’s Annuals purchases – I talk about them here. Though, with the rains, planting them may have to be postponed indefinitely.

Since the grey skies have left me feeling somewhat grey too, I thought I’ll share a laugh-out-loud-funny post from a fellow gardener, if you are in need of some cheering up too. Jeremy Wayne Lucas, a.k.a. JaxFlaGardener published this hilarious article on Dave’s Garden. ‘The Ten Warning Signs You May Be A Gardening Addict’ were a little bit worrisome – so many of those hit close to home! If that weren’t enough, I even have a few to add to the list:

11. When your spouse jokes that soon there will be plants growing in his hair, you consider just for a moment, if plants could, in fact, be successfully grown in human hair.

12. When your garden is referred to as a “botanical garden” or a “botanical diversity zone”, you sigh and think, “Not yet!”.

13. You have more varieties of Jasmine than you have shoes.

14. The hummingbirds see you so often, they aren’t scared to stare you in the eye. They might even be trying to say something.

15. You have considered asking other people if you could grow a few things in their mostly barren lots since you’re running out of space in yours.

Do add to the list if you have a few of your own!

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