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A Seedy Story

I grew up reading about strawberries and cream, a delectable treat reserved for super special occasions. Enid Blyton, of course, could make boiled eggs sound grand, but the tantalizing descriptions of strawberries and cream stayed with me over the years. Never having seen, much less tasted an actual strawberry before […]

Under Attack

It NEVER ends – snails, slugs, earwigs, aphids, mites, spittle bugs, leafminers, powdery mildew, sooty mildew … I’ve fought against all of these and then some this year alone. Some battles were lost, some won, all are eternal. Since no one ever posts pictures of this sort of ugliness in their gardens, I often feel like a […]

A Fruitful Year

Visitors to my garden from other places are most enamored with the sight of perfectly ripe fruit hanging delectably within reach, a common sight in Bay Area backyards in the older neighborhoods. We already had a mature large lemon tree (variety unknown) and a dwarf clementine tree in our backyard when we moved […]

New Fruit Trees

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! I had the day off today and spent a good part of it puttering about in the garden. The garden is just coming to life again – shoots from bulbs are poking their conical tips out of the ground, the honeysuckle I worried was […]